Mining & Construction
Georeferencig complex surfaces safely, has always been a challenge for mining companies, quarries, construction sites and similar operations.

By using a safe unmanned, remotely operated vehicle, it is possible to survey these areas without interfering with the site's normal operation, thereby saving time and money.

Depending on your needs, you will be provided with Images, Orthomosaics, DSM's, Temperature Maps, Multispectral Maps, and many other available results.

Calculating Stock Pile volumes or pit extraction performance, is now an easy and efficient task.
All of our results can be exported to multiple platforms. To see a comprehensive list of what is possible, CLICK HERE.​

Solar Energy Plants

Thermal imaging has proven to be the best method to inspect photovoltaic cells, but doing it manually is time consuming  and inaccurate.

With our equipment, we can cover many acres in a single flight, providing you with either a thermal movie, or a photomosaic with thermal imaging, that allows you to determine exactly where failure is ocurring.

This makes inspections much faster and dependable.

Precision Agriculture

With our UAV's, we can cover up to 1.000Has  per flight (40min), providing you with many different images, (RGB, Multispectral, Thermal, etc.), to take timely decisions on your farm.

Multispectral images provide you with an accurate map of your crop's health , allowing you to take measures only where you have problems, thereby generating huge savings and much less impact on the environment.

Among others, we provide the data to determine:

  • biomass health (pests, funghi, etc)
  • stress levels (water/soil/ground)
  • collateral spraying damage (
  • drainage
  • leveling requirements
  • exact dimensions of any field

All of this information can then be delivered directly to your automated tractor, spraying equipment and other tools,  due to the multiplicity of output formats available.

Why do it with drones?

  • Fast
  • Repeatable
  • Timely
  • Increases efficiency
  • Improves production
  • ​Accurate

At Skyquest we are dedicated to providing drone services to customers of different types of industries in Chile and abroad.

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Inspecting large structures, to assess possible damage, and schedule maintenance work,  is costly and dangerous.

Being able to generate images and point clouds with NADIR or OBLIQUE techniques, allows for full 3D images and volumes of the widest array of structures, with no risk, and at a much lower cost. As an added benefit, you can get all of this, without having to stop any normal activities on that site.